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My terms and conditions are friendly and simple but also necessary so that both you the client, and me – Anna Leckey, the photographer, have clear expectations of the photoshoot and your portraits that we create. These terms are to help avoid dispute and to the meet the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Please, take your time to read these through.

You will be asked to sign a copy of these terms on the day of your photoshoot.


Unless otherwise stated or if you are enjoying a special offer or a purchased specific voucher experience, your session fee includes professional hair and make-up, a full photoshoot, artistic editing of each image and an ordering session with up to 20 images to choose from. We hope you enjoy your time with us.



The session fee is payable by cheque, cash or bank transfer. Your portrait sitting is not booked until the session fee payment has been paid in full and any cheques cleared.



Hair and make-up is provided by Hazel Hygate a professional hair and make-up artist. The client agrees to notify the make-up artist of any known allergies they may have towards any cosmetics and/or chemicals. Should a reaction occur requiring medical attention or not, the client agrees that the hair and make-up stylist is not liable or responsible for injury and/or ailment of any kind. Make-up care information will be provided on the day.



By signing this agreement and having your portrait taken, you are agreeing that images taken during your session may be used for various marketing purposes for Anna Leckey Photographer. Names and personal data will not be disclosed unless you specifically express your permission below, for Anna Leckey to tag your name on the social media account. Photographs will not be submitted to any photography competition without your agreed specific permission.



Under the copyright and patents act of 1988, the photographer, Anna Leckey, retains the copyright of all images taken, unless specifically stated otherwise. You will have the opportunity to purchase digital portrait with permission to reproduce for your personal use only. See full copyright conditions



Processing each image is done through photoshop or other suitable image editing software. All images will be edited in some way, this includes but is not exhaustive of cropping, colour correcting, sharpening, removing background imperfections. Your image may be edited to remove temporary blemishes such as scratches, spots or scars - if the client has specifically requested such removal. If you would like anything specifically removed or hidden from your portraits, please speak to the photographer to ensure your expectations and needs are met.



In the highly unlikely event of equipment failure, you will be offered an alternative free portrait sitting or your sitting fee returned. This has never happened, however it is always mindful to bear in mind events may be out of our control.

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